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The links on this page are primarily drawn from postings to the Linux-390 mailing list from January 2000 on.

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News Articles about Linux and Linux/390
(In roughly reverse date order)

Deutsche Bahn dumps Intel, pumps SUSE onto IBM mainframe
Novell's BrainShare 2005 - Day 3
Mainframe Linux on $2 per day
First National Bank of Omaha throws Sun out
zSeries Mainframes Power Pro Golf's On-Demand Computing
Red Hat Isn't Alone at the Linux Management Table
The State of Samba
Moving into Mainframe Linux
Microsoft Warns SEC of Open-Source Threat
IBM: Linux will replace AIX
IBM, SUSE Notch Another Linux Win
Linux gets high-end server boost
HSD site switches to Linux
Could Linux dethrone the software king?
IBM Introducing Linux Mainframe In A Box, Other Linux Tools
IBM, AMD Become Part of UnitedLinux
Counting on Linux
Linux Headed for the Data Center
Four Open Source Lessons From The Trenches
German City Drops Windows for Linux
SCO Linux Server 4.0, Final UnitedLinux Code To Debut At Comdex
Sistina, Mainline Team on Linux on the Mainframe
MITRE report on use of Free and Open-Source Software by the U.S. Dept. of Defense
Brussels to spend €250k on Linux migration study
Secure Linux desktop begins shipping to UK police force
Mainframes Are Still A Mainstay
It's Linux for IBM supercomputer project
New Apps Give New Life to Mainframes
What's the fuss about... server consolidation?
Commentary: Linux's foot in the door
Wall St. leans toward Linux
SuSE, Turbolinux pool Linux efforts
PR: Mobil Travel Guide Signs Up for IBM Linux Utility Services
LINUX Blade Servers May Cut In On UNIX At AOL
SuSE First Linux SAP Partner
Free/Libre and Open Source Software: Survey and Study - FLOSS FINAL REPORT
European Union Researches the Benefits of Open Source Software
IT managers cite security and competition when choosing a Linux system
A movement makes Microsoft sit up and take notice
Consolidation Projects Push Linux on Big Iron
Linux on a mainframe is hardly a "no-cost scenario"
Gigagroup: Linux auf dem Mainframe ist selten ein kostenloses Vergnügen
Turbolinux sells Linux business, name
Verizon switches programmers to Linux
CASE Tools: Large System Development
Linuxworld - IBM looks to SMB sector for Linux love
Linux waddles from obscurity to the big time
T-Com consolidates on Linux Mainframe (In German)
The Cult Of Linux
Biotech's Cut-Rate Supercomputer
Is Linux A Good Bet For Investors?
Checking E-Mail On Linux
Retail Therapy
Browsing The Web On Linux
Red Hat Lives In Microsoft's Crosshair 07/16/2002
Better Instant Messaging Through Linux 07/16/2002
Linux Not Just For Geeks Anymore 07/15/2002
Linux in the land of z/OS
Mainframe skill shortage
Russian government quiet about its move toward Linux
How a CTO faced his worst nightmare
Wall Street's Secret Affair With Linux
Ballmer: Linux Changed Our Game
Ballmer 'fesses up to Linux/Windows cost FUD
Behind the Linux Gusher
Centrelink signs four-year deal with IBM
Top 100 Power Picks
Penguins on Board - How three companies are making the most of Linux in their mainframe environments
DNS flaws put Net connected systems at risk
IBM rolls out first Internet-based utility service
Linux heads for the mainframe limelight
Gartner and Linux
Disney Shifting to Linux for Film Animation
ITG Management Brief - Value Proposition for e-infrastructures Cost/Benefit Case for IBM eserver
Analysis: Microsoft vs. open source battle gets political
A Business Case Study of Open Source Software
Taiwan opens door to open source
IBM signs Linux deal with Germany
IBM, Landmark take Linux to oil industry
Linux Firewalls
Solaris 9 versus mainframe Linux
The Financial Impact of Migrating to Linux
Online Preview of CIOView's TCOnow! for Linux Migration tool
Weighing the pros & cons of IBM's mainframe Linux, Part 3
Sun Targets Mainframes with Blue Away Initiative
Sherwin-Williams Chooses a Big Blue Shade of Linux
TCO: Linux Delivers On Big Iron
Giant Steps for a Software Upstart
Linux grabs big win with Reuters
Why We Love Linux
Why We Love Linux
Is mainframe Linux toast?
MS in Peruvian open-source nightmare
Linux on the Mainframe: Nice Place to Visit, But...
Mainframes - Enterprises again find the reliability and security of mainframes attractive
Sun offers free version of StarOffice
Aberdeen InSight: Linux-Based Software Management
Aberdeen InSight: Linux Gets A Boost From Standards
Linux Jockeys, Meet Mainframe Mavens
Samba runs rings around Win2000
More foreign banks switching to Linux
Weighing the pros & cons of IBM's mainframe Linux, Part 2
Readers react to "Weighing the pros & cons of IBM's mainframe Linux"
Weighing the pros & cons of IBM's mainframe Linux (part 1)
Customer Selects Acucorp for IBM S/390 Mainframe Server Migration Project
Mainframe Linux advocates explain it all
Linux on Big Iron
Wall Street Embraces Linux
Ximian ships connector for Microsoft Exchange
IBM and SuSE Offers New Enterprise-Ready Linux Services
IBM readies Linux for telcos
SuSE infuses Blue blood into Linux
Red Hat revamps, eyes large corporations
Oracle Brings 9i to Linux/390
Oracle Announces Oracle9i Database For IBM Linux/390
Insurer Seeks Cost Savings With Server Switch
SuSE announces 64-Bit-Version of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for IBM eServer zSeries
For the love of LUGs (Linux User Groups)
Server Hardware Product of the Year 2001 (z900)
Linux security auditing to get a boost
Big Iron and Open Source Join Forces
LinuxWorld: CA responding to customer calls for Linux IT answers
IBM: Linux can take on the world
IBM Introduces Linux-Only Mainframe
IBM: Linux investment nearly recouped
Linux on mainframes enters phase 2
Linux on the Finnish Line
Red Hat to offer high-end Linux version
IBM to sell Linux-only mainframe
IBM to push cheaper 'Linux-only' zSeries, iSeries
Store chain is sold on Linux
Asian enterprises embracing Linux
Linux Breathes New Life Into The Mainframe
How to Run a Microsoft-Free Shop
Microsoft sues Linux start-up over name
IBM beckons Linux fans to server line
Red Hat Adds To Linux's Credibility
Tommy Hilfiger Chooses IBM and Linux for e-business Infrastructure
Red Hat Moves onto Mainframe
Linux rivalry heats up
San Francisco delivers bill for IBM's Linux love notes
Smooth iron (a Telia update)
IBM and Linux: The Dinosaurs and the Penguin
Inside IBM's Canberra Linux Technology Center
MS promotes Linux from threat to 'the' threat - Memo
Red Hat Linux for mainframes imminent
CNET Red Hat Linux for mainframes imminent
IBM Roils Linux Waters
IBM Roils Linux Waters (pointer to above article)
Investing in Linux
Windows Goes Linux
IBM Takes Linux To Mainframes
Solaris to Linux Porting Guide
IBM To Ship New Linux-on-Mainframe Technology
IBM boosts mainframe speed
IBM Extends Linux Support on z900 eServers
IBM ships 1,000th Linux-based eServer z900 mainframe
Stealing each other's clothes
Linux Takes On Big Jobs
Linux hits a grand slam at home
Profiting from Open Source - How Equant Teams up with IBM to Deliver Mainframe Linux Solutions
IBM Sells 1,000th Mainframe Model; Promotes `Virtual' Servers
The Truth Behind Great Server Heist - ConsultingTimes Does the Math
IBM, Intel come to aid of struggling SuSE Linux
IBM Brings Linux to Wall Street
Wall Street goes Linux
When Linux grows up, IBM glad to boot AIX
Make Your Virtual Console Log In Automatically
Pointer to Make Your Virtual Console Log In Automatically
Free Mainframe - The LCDS gives developers access to mainframe Linux
Linux laps up more of the server software market
Winnebago Running Linux Mail on Mainframe
Winnebago Industries Hits the 'Open' Road with Linux and Bynari on the IBM Mainframe
A First Look at IBM's Linux Community Development System
Venezuelan Bank Marks Major Financial Deployment of Linux for S/390
Linux breaks into banking industry
IBM buys database business of Informix Corp.
IBM Buys Informix Database For $1B
Linux Weekly News - No More Jiffies?
Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.3-ac4 (includes S/390 Tape Driver)
Open source to industry: It's payback time
IBM brings high-end AIX clustering software (Blue Hammer) to Linux
IBM unveils "Blue Hammer" Web server cluster
Take a Letter, Rex! Applixware is Coming to System/390 Linux
SGI to offer Linux-based IA-64 Origin computer
Economies of Scale: IBM And Sun Vie for the Glass House
Only the strong survive in Linux landscape
The DEVFS File System
IBM Is Putting on the (Linux) Tux
IBM receives award
Infocrossing and S/390 Linux: An ASP's Story
Securing Linux, Part 1
Securing Linux, Part 2
Infocrossing and S/390 Linux: An ASP's Story
IBM Stays the Course as Linux Strategy Bears Fruit
IBM's zSeries Win at LWE in New York
ACTS Corp. Announces Breakthrough in Delivering Exams Over the Internet
ACTS Corp. Announces Breakthrough in Delivering Exams Over the Internet -
IBM throws more cash at Linux
Vendors create Linux development lab
The Practical Manager's Guide to Linux
Linux looming
Solution providers tout IBM z900s as more energy-efficient
Has IBM hijacked Linux? - Gartner warning
Response to: Has IBM hijacked Linux? - Gartner warning
Linux Goes Retail
NSA Releases High Security Version Of Linux
IBM to ship enhanced mainframe, storage systems
IBM Programmers Submit 64-bit Linux Code for IBM z900 to Open Source Community
IBM bets a billion on Linux
Linux mainframe ousts Sun servers at Telia
IBM Linux mainframe chosen by European telecom
Monster Linux Mainframe Ousts 70 Suns in Europe's Largest Linux Deployment
Monster Linux Mainframe Ousts 70 Suns in Europe's Largest Linux Deployment (pointer to above)
Making mainframe time machines - with Linux
BT still chasing cash for hyperlink patent
With DB2 Mainframe, Clustering Support, IBM Has Linux Marketing Covered
The Forecast: A Powerful Open Source System Moves In
Shooting trouble -- not the Windows way
IBM's S/390 is first Linux-powered mainframe in Japan
IBM builds RAID system with IDE drives
'Linux is Unix,' says Sun. 'No it isn't,' says IBM...
Highlights of Atlanta (Annual) Linux Showcase
Linux on the System/390 - Adam Thornton
Will large-system vendors fork the Linux kernel?
Impressions from ALS
Kernel Fork For Big Iron?
How Big Blue fell for Linux
Linux NFS: Past, present, and future
The Software Gap
Summer Potpourri: Mainframes And X
Pictures from Linux World Expo 2000
IBM to unveil Linux plan
IBM continues its Big Iron Linux push
The Ultimate Install Fest: Linux on the IBM System/390
Sun to open source code for office software
Linux on Big Iron
Mainframe Users Like Running Linux, but Management Still Cautious
IBM Pushes Linux Into The Corporation
Linux hits the glass wall of the computer room
The iron penguin, Part 1
The iron penguin, Part 1
Linux for S/390, Part 2: Building the iron penguin
The iron penguin, Part 3: Linux for S/390 in action
Not Quite User-Friendly, But It's Getting There
Linux Bulks Up For High End
IBM's S/390: Smells Like Linux Spirit
A big step: Linux on mainframes
IBM and Linux: A Test of Metal
The Monster in Your Basement
Big Blue makes mainframe Linux push
It's Official: IBM Announces Linux for the S/390
Linux On A Mainframe Isn't A Joke
Linux goes Big Iron
IBM e-business Software For Linux for S/390
S/390 Meets Linux - Integrators see a new play for the Internet server space
SuSE Linux Debuts On IBM X/390, Offering True Cross Platform Support
Big Iron to Stage a Comeback
IBM: World's fastest Linux company
IBM embraces Linux on the mainframe
IBM scales Linux to S/390 platform
Linux Graduates to Mainframes
VNU Net: IBM ships Linux for S/390 server
IBM kicks off Linux developer program for its S/390 mainframes
Linux/390 in the Spotlight at SHARE 94
Linux livin' large on mainframe
The Practical Value of Mainframe Linux
Has the Linux 'dream machine' arrived?
IBM Goes CounterCulture
Have Another Cup? The Return of Java and its New Importance in Business
S/390: The Linux Dream Machine
S/390: The Linux Dream Machine (alternate location)
Why Choose? VMware lets you run multiple operating systems on the same machine.
IBM To Demo Linux On Mainframe
S/390: The Linux Dream Machine
IBM taps Linux for mainframes
How Linux-SNA can impact your business
NSA grapples with Linux security
IBM Gives a Nod to Linux
IBM becomes first hardware vendor to fully support Linux
IBM plans major expansion of Linux efforts
IBM Unveils Linux Strategy
IBM to rally around Linux for future computers
I.B.M. to Use Linux System in Internet
ComputerWorld (Denmark): Linux on IBM S/390 mainframe

Announcements/PR Articles about Linux and Linux/390

Oregon Department of Transportation Migrates Statewide System to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell
The Oklahoma Department of Human Services: Enhancing responsiveness with increased database capacity
Linux Transforming Business Industry by Industry
CA-ACF2 announcement that includes support for Linux PAM authentication
SuSE Linux Unveils the Next Generation of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server
Mobil Travel Guide Awards On-Demand Computing Contract To IBM
UTS Global Announces Distributed Tape Subsystem for Mainframe Linux Systems
Regal Entertainment Group Adopts IBM and Linux for Point-of-sale Application
Medical Insight with Aalborg Hospital Spur Imaging Giant Steps
IBM and Red Hat Announce Global Alliance to Deliver Enterprise Linux Solutions
SlickEdit® Announces Availability of Visual SlickEdit for Linux on IBM eServer zSeries
SGI Attains Linear Scalability on 64-Processor Itanium 2-based System Running Linux
IBM Moves Key Applications To Linux
Deutsche Telekom AG chooses Linux on an IBM zSeries mainframe for high availability
UTS Global, LLC Announces NED - a 3270-based screen editor for Mainframe Linux
IBM Delivers Total Linux Solutions to Wall Street
Ready-to-Run Software Enables FrontPage for Linux on IBM eServer zSeries
UnitedLinux Technical Whitepaper
UnitedLinux Presentation
UTS Global, LLC Announces Tape Services Suite for Mainframe Linux
RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers is Integrated into InsightServer 3.5
zSeries April 2002 Announcement Frequently Asked Questions
New Models of the IBM zSeries 900, and New Functions for the z800 and z900 Family
SnapVantage Software announcement from StorageTek
Legato Announces NetWorker on IBM eServer zSeries Linux
IBM eserver zSeries z900 - New enhanced Linux environment
SuSE Ships Enterprise Server 7 for 64-bit IBM eServer zSeries
Peace, Love, Linux (Shockwave Flash) on Linux for IBM eserver zSeries generally available May 31st
CA Advantage Ingres 2.6 Delivers High Performance Database Platform for Web Services and Linux
Amdahl IT Services Adds Linux Support and FICON Channel Architecture Support to Millennium 2000C and 2000E Servers
Sterling Commerce to Offer CONNECT:Direct for Linux On IBM eServer zSeries
IBM zSeries Offering for Linux Delivers a Comprehensive Linux Environment Based on Advanced zSeries Technology
New dedicated Linux servers introduced by IBM
Intel, BMC fund Linux company
IBM Extends Server Lead with 6.5 Point Market Share Gain Year to Year; Sun Plummets 6.3 Points
Red Hat to Deliver Linux Solutions for IBM's S/390 Mainframe Computer
AdminUX Automates Linux System Administration on the IBM eServer zSeries
IBM Selected to Build Computing Infrastructure for Interactive Online Soccer Game
Top Insurance Company Gerling chooses SuSE Linux on the mainframe
IBM's Use of AllFusion Erwin Data Modeler to Validate Data Modeling Techniques for Linux Environments on the eServer z900 and S/390
Red Hat to put Linux on IBM servers
IBM Commits to Red Hat Linux Across eServer Line
IBM presentation on the Telia deal
Sendmail launches for mainframe
IBM Ships 1,000th IBM eServer z900
IBM Ships 1,000th IBM eServer z900 (different formatting)
Call to Action: Oracle9i Database for Linux/390
Colorado State University Partners With IBM to Become National Technology Hub; Project is Valued at $21.6 Million
Turbolinux Creates Custom Distribution for The Credit Index's S/390 System
Turbolinux Creates Custom Distribution for The Credit Index's S/390 System (pointer to above article)
Infocrossing Hosts Linux Virtual Servers on the IBM Mainframe
GPL Mumps Compiler available
VM Resources And GlassHouse Systems release VM/LinMan 1.0.0
PR: Macro 4 offers first SAP R/3 and Output Management for Linux on ZSeries
Enterprise Linux Today: Macro 4 offers first SAP R/3 Output Management for Linux on ZSeries (abstract/pointer to above article)
Acucorp to Support Linux for IBM eServer z900 and S/390
LegacyJ PERCobol COBOL compiler is now available for Linux for zSeries and S/390 bringing the capabilities of COBOL and Java technology
PR: Bynari Announces Mail And Collaboration Server for the IBM zSeries and S/390
Enterprise Linux Today: Bynari Announces Linux Mail And Collaboration Server for IBM zSeries (abstract/pointer to above article)
IBM's Annual Report (Year 2000) introduction, on why Linux is important
ACTS Corp. Announces Breakthrough in Delivering Exams Over the Internet -
IBM Unveils Linux-Enabled Storage Portfolio To Power Open Storage Networking
IBM eServer z900 Provides Energy Saving Alternative to Server Farms
Independent Software Vendor Products for Linux for S/390
Bulletins about zSeries
Halcyon's iASP: Free Active Server Page support for Intel-based Linux systems
Halcyon Software, Inc. Announces Active Server Pages Support for Linux for The IBM Eserver Zseries; Instant Asp Now Available for IBM's Mainframe
Linux for zSeries - Customer Success Stories
New distribution : Think Blue Linux
SuSE Linux for S/390 Available Today
Macro 4 launches first Output Management solution for Linux on S/390
Linus Torvalds: Linux-2.4.2
Availability announcement for VIF and IFL
Availability announcement for IBM WebSphere Application Server V3.5, Advanced Edition for Linux for S/390
IBM WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition, V3.5 for SuSE Linux 7.0 for S/390
Turbolinux Announces GA of Turbolinux Server 6 for IBM eServer z900 and S/390
Turbolinux to offer Linux for IBM's S/390 Enterprise Server
IBM makes JFS technology available for Linux
Open Group's announcement of OpenMotif
Motif Goes Open Source
IBM 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor Device Driver for Linux
Qwest Communications, IBM in pact for hosting centers
Major Linux initiative in Europe begins
Shell, IBM to build world's largest Linux supercomputer
NUMA-Q Hardware to Provide a Cost-Effective S/390 Entry Point
S/390 Virtual Image Facility and IBM S/390 Integrated Facility for LINUX
IBM DB2 Universal Database Delivers Simplified Packaging Linux for S/390
BMC Software Develops Industry's First Systems Management Solution on Linux for S/390
PATROL Preview for Linux for S/390
IBM and CA Collaborate to Bring CA'S Linux Suite for eBusiness to S/390
Red Hat Supports the Complete IBM eServer Line
IBM S/390 Multiprise 3000 enterprise server spec sheet
Summary of Amdahl's System Control Programs And Operating Systems Support Commitment

IBM Publications

zSeries HiperSockets
Linux for S/390, SG24-4987-00, IBM Redbook
Linux for zSeries and S/390: Distributions, SG24-6264-00, IBM Redbook
Linux on zSeries and S/390: ISP/ASP Solutions, SG24-6299-00, IBM Redbook
Linux on zSeries and S/390: Systems Management, SG24-6820-00, IBM Redbook
Linux on zSeries and S/390: Application Development, SG24-6807-00, IBM Redbook
Linux on zSeries and S/390: Large Scale Linux Deployment, SG24-6824-00, IBM Redbook
Linux on zSeries and S/390: Performance Measurement and Tuning, SG24-6926-00, IBM Redbook
Getting Started with zSeries Fibre Channel Protocol
Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: High Availability for z/VM and Linux
Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: Securing Linux for zSeries with a Central z/OS LDAP Server (RACF)
S/390 Partners in Development: EFS Systems on a Linux Base, SG24-6834
Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: Server Consolidation with Linux for zSeries, REDP0222
Experiences with Oracle for Linux on zSeries, SG24-6552-00
SAP on DB2 UDB for OS/390 and z/OS: Implementing Application Servers on Linux for zSeries, SG24-6847-00
Linux on IBM eServer zSeries and S/390: TCP/IP Broadcast on z/VM Guest LAN
Linux on zSeries Linux 2.4 to 2.6 Transition Guide
Subscribe to The Linux Line newsletter
IBM Publications
Installing SuSE Linux for S/390
Preparing for Installing SuSE Linux for S/390
Installing Turbolinux for S/390
Preparing for Installing Turbolinux for S/390
Linux for S/390 ELF Application Binary Interface Supplement
Linux for S/390 ELF Application Binary Interface Supplement (64-bit)
How to Improve the Performance of Linux on z/VM with Execute-in-Place Technology (Linux Kernel 2.6 - April 2004 stream)
How to use Execute-in-Place Technology with Linux on z/VM
Linux on zSeries Device Drivers, Features, and Commands (Linux Kernel 2.6 - April 2004 Stream)
Linux for zSeries and S/390 Device Drivers and Installation Commands (Linux Kernel 2.4 - June 2003 Stream)
Linux for zSeries and S/390 Device Drivers and Installation Commands (Linux Kernel 2.4 - May 2002 Stream)
Linux for S/390 Device Drivers and Installation Commands (Linux Kernel 2.4 - August 2001 Stream)
Linux for zSeries Device Drivers and Installation Commands (Linux Kernel 2.4 - August 2001 Stream)
Linux for S/390 Device Drivers and Installation Commands (Linux Kernel 2.2.16)
S/390 PR/SM Planning Guide
DASD VTOC Data Set Control Block (DSCB) Types
S/390 Additional Floating-Point (AFP) Registers
VM/ESA V2R1.0 Connectivity
OS/390 Internet library
Latest publications -- z/Architecture (64-bit architecture)
z/VM CP Programming Services
Virtual Image Facility Guide and Reference
Linux for S/390, SG24-4987-00, IBM Redbook
Building Linux Systems under IBM VM
Configuring Logical Volume Management (LVM) on Linux for zSeries
P390plex: A Technology Demonstration, SG24-5632-00, IBM Redbook
Linux for S/390 Trilogy of whitepapers
White papers for IBM Enterprise Servers
Linux for S/390 Strategy
Linux for S/390: A Perspective for Executives
IBM Sales Manual (US)
Linux for zSeries Library
IBM enterprise servers Internet Library
RAS strategy for IBM S/390 G5 and G6
Additional papers on IBM S/390 Server G5/G6
Solaris to Linux Porting Guide
Technical guide for porting applications from Solaris to Linux, version 1.0
ESA/390 Principles of Operation
Parallel Enterprise Server -Generation 6 System Overview
Contact OS/390
Contact z/OS
Apache Web Development with IBM DB2 for Linux
System Administration Facility, z/VM Version 4 Release 2.0
e-Business Intelligence: Data Mart Solutions with DB2 for Linux on z/Series
Technical Introduction: IBM eserver zSeries 800, SG24-6515-00
Linux-z/OS DFSMSdss Dump/Restore-HOWTO
Linux Performance when running under VM
z/VM Performance Version 4 Release 3.0
IBM's Linux Software Evaluation Kit (for Intel only)
Introducing the IBM 2074 Control Unit
IBM e-Learning Offerings and Services
TCP/IP Stack Limitation on OSA-Express
Original 1972 VM/370 sales presentation
Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: Cloning Linux Images in z/VM
z/VM Security and Integrity
How to use VM Shared Kernel Support (NSS)
Porting UNIX Applications to Linux - Hints and Tips
Technical guide for porting applications from Solaris to Linux, version 1.0
eServer Magazine, Mainframe Edition
zSeries Crypto Guide Update

Useful Software/References/Documentation

Linux for zSeries® and S/390® - Main IBM Site
What's new for Linux for zSeries® and S/390®
Useful add-ons for Linux zSeries and S/390
Linux kernel version 2.4 recommended source patch downloads
Linux kernel version 2.4.19 "May 2002 stream" recommended source patch downloads
Linux kernel version 2.4.19 "May 2002 stream" experimental source patch downloads
Linux kernel version 2.4.x "August 2001 stream" recommended source patch downloads
Linux kernel version 2.4.x "August 2001 stream" experimental source patch downloads
Archive of Linux kernel version 2.4 source patch download
Linux kernel version 2.2 recommended source patch downloads
Linux kernel version 2.2 experimental source patch downloads
Archive of Linux kernel version 2.2 source patch download
Linux for zSeries® and S/390® Changelog
Documentation for Linux kernel 2.4.19 "May 2002 stream"
Documentation for Linux kernel 2.4.x "August 2001 stream"
Linux for S/390 and zSeries Documentation
Technical Details for kernel 2.4.19 "May 2002 stream"
Technical Details for kernel 2.4.x "August 2001 stream"
Technical Details for kernel level 2.2
Restrictions applying to kernel 2.4.19 "May 2002 stream" downloads
Restrictions applying to kernel 2.4.x "August 2001 stream" downloads
Restrictions applying to kernel 2.2 downloads
Linux for S/390 and zSeries How To...
Linux for S/390® - Using the Dump Tools, Linux Kernel 2.4
Linux for zSeries - Using the Dump Tools, Linux Kernel 2.4
OCO modules for SuSE Linux
OCO modules for Red Hat Linux
IBM z/VM Virtual Networking Resources
IBM Linux Technology Center
IBM Linux Technology Center (alternate URL)
IBM Linux Technology Center Publications
Linux Support Service Recommendations for VM
IBM APAR Database Search
z/VM and Linux Resources
Linux/390 Patches
Building Linux/390 Under VM/ESA Using Minidisks and IUCV TCPIP
Building Linux/390 Under VM/ESA Using Minidisks and IUCV TCPIP (MS Word format)
Marist File System Update (test, 05/01/2001)
Marist File System (original, 05/19/2000)
Marist 2.2.16 initial ramdisk
Source for Mike Kershaw's bootshell program
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for S/390
Download SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for S/390
Download SuSE SLES7 Beta for S/390 mirrors 2.2.16 kernel update KDE2 update
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server - S/390 - System and Reference Manual
Turbolinux z/Linux - Software Download Center
Turbolinux z/Linux Server Download Registration
Turbolinux .iso CD images
Turbolinux Source RPMs ftp download
Turbolinux for the S/390 and zSeries - Install and Product Notes
CTC Netmask Fix for Samba
Turbolinux for iseries download
Turbolinux ftp mirrors at
Red Hat Linux for S/390 Download
Red Hat Linux for zSeries (64-bit) Download
Red Hat Linux for S/390 Updates
Alternate site for Red Hat Linux for S/390 Updates
Red Hat Linux for zSeries (64-bit) Updates
Alternate site for Red Hat Linux for zSeries (64-bit) Updates
Red Hat Linux for S/390 Rawhide Beta
Red Hat Linux for zSeries (64-bit) Beta
Debian for S/390 and zSeries
Downloading Debian CD images with jigdo
Downloading Debian CD images via HTTP/FTP
Debian for S/390 Release Notes
Debian for S/390 Installation Manual
Debian for S/390 and zSeries Download
Conectiva Linux for S/390 (Portuguese)
Neale Ferguson's cpint command source
Neale Ferguson's cpint-64 command source
Kernel patches for pre-G2 hardware
LPRng patch for config.sub and config.guess
Openafs patch
OpenAFS patches, and VNC SRPM for Linux/390
VNC RPM and SRPM for Linux/390
VNC RPM and SRPM for Red Hat Linux/390
A low profile mini network for Linux/390
Using ICKDSF to prepare a volume to IPL Linux/390 in an LPAR without using tape
Rob van der Heij's recipe for using ICKDSF on OS/390 to make your Linux starter system.
Upgrade SuSE 7.0 GA to 2.4.7 (by Rob van der Heij)
OpenSSL patch for configure scripts
PostgreSQL patch
Linux/390 Ports and Patches
Tcl script: q (short for "query")
Functional clone of a NetWare server
The Hercules System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture Emulator
Hercules for Windows/NT systems
Hercules and Linux/390
Discussion group for users of the Hercules ESA/390 mainframe emulator
Tera Term Home Page
TTSSH: An SSH Extension to Teraterm
PuTTY: A Free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client
Journaled File System Technology for Linux
Ports of GNU development tools and utilities for Windows 9x, and NT
lcrash utility
B1 rated trusted system Sample Source Code
Linux XFS
Neale Ferguson's sample code for signal handling
Doug Ledford's (of RedHat) benchmarking tools page (binaries and source)
"Vintage" for Linux/390
Linux ECC
BitKeeper Source Management repositories
Blackdown Java - Linux port FTP mirrors
HUJI-NJE version 2.1 for VAX/VMS and Unix systems
Unix RSCS Emulation Program
Aladdin Ghostscript 6.01
RedMon - Redirection Port Monitor
LyX port for Windows 9x/NT/2000
A PDF Viewer for X
A simple program that checks for run away processes
Kaffe on Linux for System/390
The x3270 Home Page
Regina (REXX), REXX/SQL, etc.
Apache Mod_Rexx Interface Package
DB2 Universal Database: Download for trial
IBM WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition, V3.5 for SuSE Linux 7.0 for S/390
BIND version 8
Linux Kernel Archives Mirror Sites (for the US)
Alan Cox's patches to kernels
Official Linux kernel 2.2.x source
Open PL/1
MicroImages X server for Windows
X-Server Price Comparison Sheet
Cygwin/XFree86 X Server
WeirdX is an X Window System server in pure Java under GNU GPL
WiredX is an X Window System server, written in pure Java(tm)
Linpack Benchmark -- Java Version
FrontPage Server Extensions clone - with WebDAV support
FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions for Linux/390 (and other platforms)
FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions for IBM390 (OS/390 2.7 and z/OS 1.2)
imake-Related Software and Documentation
ATT Advanced Software Technologies open source collection
Bastille-Linux Scripts to Secure Linux
Linux Network Drivers
SEDIT and S/REXX commercial software
SHARP APL for Linux
Linuxconf home page
VM Download Library Packages
VM/TimeServ - An SNTP Version 4 Time Server for VM/ESA and z/VM
Enhanced DDR program to simulate DDR tapes via CMS files
Pine Information Center
mod_dav: a DAV module for Apache
Rob Vonk free software (easymtu, wget frontend, favorites converter)
VM Tools page, including a telnet client
IBM Application Development and Deployment Tools for Linux
SANS Institute store (System Administration, Networking, and Security)
IBM Developer Kits and Runtime Environments for Linux, Java 2 Standard Edition
Virtual Image Facility for Linux
VIFWWW - VIF Web Administrator
Arachne WWW Browser
IBM CMOS Processor G# Designation Table
IBM S/390 Open Systems Adapter Support Facility (OSA/SF) for VM/ESA
"Non-Destructive-Install" and "instant-beowulf"
UFT Home Page - Internet SENDFILE
The Jakarta Tomcat Project (Java Servlets and Java Server Pages Support)
Apache Ant - Java-based build tool
Linux CMS File System driver
Tivoli Storage Manager Client Downloads
Tivoli Storage Manager 5.1 (ADSM) for Linux/390 Client
Tivoli Storage Manager 4.2 (ADSM) for Linux/390 Client
Neale Ferguson's 64-bit starter system (http)
Neale Ferguson's 64-bit starter system (ftp)
Neale Ferguson's 64-bit starter system (http mirror)
Neale Ferguson's 64-bit starter system (ftp mirror)
glibc current source repository
Malcolm Beattie's Unit Record device driver for Linux on VM
Debian GNU/Linux - Packages
Ximian Evolution - Integrated email, groupware (Outlook clone)
Creative's main Open Source page
Alsa Project
JDBC(tm) Database Access
WebSphere Application Server Support
IBM WebSphere Application Server, V4.0 Advanced Single Server Edition for Linux on zSeries - Trial Version
Majordomo lists at VGER.KERNEL.ORG
Micro Channel Linux Home Page
UTS Global patches for Linux/390 support of 3270 consoles, CLAW devices and tape drives.
UTS Global Linux/390 Products
UTS Global Linux/390 FAQs
S/390 Vintage: what I made, by Giorgio Bellussi
RMF Performance Manager with Support for Linux Enterprise Server
How to change CMS so that a " is not the CMS ESCAPE character
How to do that for all CMS users
offlindr - OS/390 offline DASD dump/restore program source
Mercury Interactive - Publisher of Loadrunner and Winrunner
Freeside - Billing and account administration software for ISPs
IBM z/VM, VSE and Linux on Enterprise Servers Technical Conference Session PDF Files
buffer program, packaged as a "shar" file
National University of La Plata's Linux/390 Web Site (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Analog web log analyzer
Analog web log analyzer for Linux/390
Analog web log analyzer README file
Webalizer web log analyzer
S/390 NFS Post Box for remote hosts (postbox)
An Introduction to the Unix Shell
Guide to Writing CGI Scripts in REXX and Perl
Secure iXplorer - Windows Front End for PSCP
Protecting Data in Transit - F-Secure SSH
Test of six linux filesystems (ext2, ext3, jfs, reiserfs, vfat, xfs) on linux 2.4.5
DB2 Connect: Overview
DB2 Perl Database Interface (DBD :: DB2 module requires DB2 client or DB2 SDK)
Java Application Development for DB2 (UDB). JDBC for DB2
Information Technology Company Linux for S/390
Computer Associates eTrust Access Control product
rpl text replacement utility
Oracle for Linux/390 Download Page
Oracle Developer Release 9.0.1 for Linux/390
Oracle Developer Release 9.0.1 Release Notes for Linux/390
Installing Oracle9i Developer's Release on Red Hat 7.2
OSA-Express Maintenance in the Linux Environment
NEON Systems Shadow Direct
GDB: The GNU Project Debugger
IBM Java Developer Kit and Runtime Environment for 1.2.2 and 1.3.0
XFree86 Font De-uglification HOWTO
Autologin Patch for mingetty
Dougie Lawson's IP address calculator
Source for Dougie Lawson's IP address calculator
APT-RPM Red Hat Repository
apt port to RPM Home Page
Alien package converter
sed one-liners
Linux for S/390 and zSeries porting hints and tips
Dynamic Probes for Linux
Dynamic Probes Publications
The Expect Home Page
Tcl Developer Exchange
Extended Attributes (EA) and Access Control Lists (ACL) for Linux downloads
mon Service Monitoring Daemon
SNIPS (System & Network Integrated Polling Software) (aka NOCOL) system and network monitor
NetVigil Application and Network Management Monitor
Guarddog firewall configuration utility for KDE
PureSecure Intrusion Detection System
Security-Enhanced Linux
RAV AntiVirus by GeCAD Software
txt2pdf utility
drbd block device
GNU GLOBAL source code tag system
GFS HOWTO Document
LVM HOWTO Document
Large Systems Performance Reference (LSPR) for IBM zSeries and IBM System/390
Tung-Sing Chong's Linux/390 cloning demo package
Setup instructions for Tung-Sing Chong's Linux/390 cloning demo package
WeirdMind -- Browser embeddable remote secure X access in Java
BEA Systems Tuxedo
BEA WebLogic Products for s/390 and zSeries Downloads
CICS Transaction Gateway
parsecfg program
parsecfg program
Zeke for OS/390 and VSE Enterprise Event Scheduling
Bullet Proof FTP client for Windows
Terrapin Software
Mainframe file system for Linux
IBM Directory Server Download
WebSphere Developer Domain downloads
Ulrich Drepper's Home Page
Notes on using an STK Iceberg/IBM RVA on Linux zSeries
Mainframe OS compatible file system and Hitachi hardware patch for kernel 2.4.7
Cloning Linux Images in z/VM
FBit - Creators of zGuard, a Firewall and VPN solution for Linux/390
Clarkconnect firewall scripts
c-tree database development tool
PortingManager, a C and C++ Solaris to Linux Porting Tool
Oracle Collaboration Suite
Complete Reference Guide to Creating a Remote Log Server
Cross-Platform UNIX Software Packaging with OpenPKG
Velocity Software's zMON - VM Real Time Monitor
Velocity Software's Performance Presentation Page
Velocity Software's VM Performance Quarterly Newsletter
Download mono
Daily mono snapshots
Building mono + mcs from CVS on *NIX. The Easy Way (tm)
LSB Certification Register
Developing LSB-certified applications
Developing for IBM Mainframe Servers - xSeries with FLEX-ES
Microsoft Active Directory for Unixes
Communications Server for Linux, Version 6.0 - PRPQ
Pre-built Debian/390 CCKD image for use with Hercules
PASSPORT WEB TO HOST 3270 emulator
MochaSoft, Home of Mocha Telnet and Mocha TN3270 / TN5250 / LPD
Vista tn3270 emulator
Innovation Data Processing - FDR/UPSTREAM
IBM developer kit for Linux: tested platforms
Cloning Linux Images in z/VM by Tung-Sing Chong
Installing Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 For S/390
The Condor® Project
Leland Lucius' patches to Linux/390
SysVInit for VM
RXSYSLOG (syslog daemon for VSE)
Building and Testing gcc/glibc cross toolchains

Reference Material

Extended Attributes and Access Control Lists for Linux
Large File/File System Support
Debugging on Linux for 390
UnixWorld Online Tutorial, Article 12, initialization files
Linux Network Administrator's Guide, The Network File System
Understanding the Linux Kernel, Process Scheduling & Scheduling Policy
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard for Linux
The AFS File System In Distributed Computing Environments
JFS fundamentals
JFS overview
Running Linux/390 on the P/390
Linux for S/390 mailing list archives and search
System V Application Binary Interface
Large Systems Performance Reference (LSPR) ratings
Architecture and software support in IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Servers for IEEE Floating-Point arithmetic
The QPL, an Open Source License
An LBX Postmortem (XFree86)
Cross-Referencing Linux - Linux/include/linux/devfs_fs_kernel.h
Maximum RPM - Taking the Red Hat Package Manager to the Limit
The WebApp Module for Apache 1.3
Architecture & Debug Reference for Linux for S/390 & zSeries
Book - Perl 5 by Example
Source code for rxsockets (sockets for REXX)
GCC S/390 and zSeries Options
Deploying OpenLDAP - Directory Installation and configuration (V1.2 / 2.0)
The Operating Systems Handbook, by Bob DuCharme
Linux application development and coding tools
Firewalling with netfilter / iptables

Useful Linux/Software Sites - Thinking Object/Think Blue Linux/390 site - Thinking Object/Think Blue 64 Linux for zSeries site - Marist University main Linux/390 site
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for S/390 and zSeries - Linux/VM: Two great operating systems, even better together
Linux/390 at Princeton University Linux/390 Development and Information Site - Accelerating Apache Project - Translate Anything - The Linux Counter
About GNU Pascal
Linux Files and Command Reference - Marist College testbed installation of Linux390
ntop - network top - Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases (ACID) - Empowering Technology Providers to Maximize their Linux Potential - Backup and Recovery software - Web Server log file analysis - The Apache Software Foundation - Apache Active Server Pages Port - A+: a programming language for actual programmers - Arkeia, enterprise network backup - The Bastille Hardening System - Bastille Linux Hardening System - Big Brother Network and System Monitor - The Big Brother FTP Archive Index (includes VM/ESA and z/VM Clients) - Join the Desktop Linux revolution! home - Blackbox window manager - Blackdown Java - Linux port - Server Management Solutions - Incremental kernel patches - increase access to web sites for individuals with disabilities
chrootkit - locally checks for signs of a rootkit - cURL, the client that groks URLs
Network Time Protocol (ntp) page
IBM's PartnerWorld for Developers - Systems/C, Systems/C++ and Systems/ASM compilers for the IBM mainframe, including Linux/390 - ELX Linux - Enterprise Volume Management System - exim Internet Mailer - Firewalls made easy - IPSEC & IKE for Linux - Virtual Server Daemon web server - FTP File System - Firewall Builder - FireWall Took Kit - FLEX-ES, a System/390 mainframe computer architecture using software emulation - ganglia cluster monitoring toolkit - Developing fundamental technologies needed to build computational grids. - GnomeMeeting -GNU Privacy Guard - Active Server Pages to Java Server Pages conversion software - Hypermail Development
ibiblio's linux archive
Linux at IBM - Installation Manager of Printer driver Retrieval and Installation for Samba - World Class J2EE Technologies in Open Source -Official Linux kernel site - Kernelnewbies home page
KornShell Software - The Official AT&T Release of KornShell - LegacyJ, COBOL and Java software tools used to create multi-platform, client/server and Internet applications -LessTif Homepage - Secure Linux Project - Linux Source Cross Reference - Alan Cox's UK site - Alan Cox's UK FTP server - Open Source Enterprise SNA server for Linux - High-Availability Linux Project - Linux application finder - Linux Standard Base - Linux MAN Pages, Indexed HTML Version - Linux Documentation Project - Linux from scratch
Linux From Scratch book - Linux and Open Source Medical Software News - The Home of Linux for the PowerPC - Linux on PowerPC Mail List Archives - LinuxPPC: Linux for the PowerPC - Linux Virtual Server Project - LPRng home page - Linux Security Audit Project - CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV® lists
Marist College Linux on S/390 Project - mod_ssl: The Apache Interface to OpenSSL - Scalable cluster computing for Linux - Open Source web browser project - Mozilla - The Multi Router Traffic Grapher - Nagios Network monitor - ASP2PHP conversion tool - The NET-SNMP Home Page - Open Object Rexx - OpenAFS site - The OpenGFS Project - OpenH323 Project - openMosix, an Open Source Linux Cluster Project - OpenMotif project home page - OpenOffice project home page - Open Source Initiative - OpenSSH Project - Open Source Writers Group - Perl Mongers - The Perl advocacy people - Pretty Good Privacy home page - The International PGP Home Page - PHP: Hypertext Processor page - plex86 - Open Source PC virtualization software - Poptop - The PPTP Server for Linux - ProFTPD Project - REXX Language Association - Latest and most up to date information on RPM - Rpmfind.Net WWW Server a.k.a Rufus.W3.Org - Rule Set Based Access Control for Linux - Realtime Linux, FSM, Inc. - Rute Users Tutorial and Exposition (an introduction to GNU/Linux) - Samba Project home page - Welcome to the world of SAP DB
SAP DB Development in Linux (Intel) - SELinux Distribution - IBM User's Group (SHARE) home page - Global File System - Logical Volume Manager - Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters - Snort, The Open Source Network Intrusion Detection System - Unofficial Debian packages for Debian GNU/Linux Unstable (sid) - SQL Ledger Accounting - X-Win32 X server for Windows - Same as - PERCobol and BlueJ software - System Installation Suite - SoftwareAG - The XML Company - SystemImager
The arla project, a free AFS implementation. - Systems, Migrations, Products and Services - System Configurator - SysWatch CGI script - Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler and Tachyon z/Assembler (also for Linux/390) - Website Meta Language - tsocks provides transparent network access through a SOCKS version 4 or 5 proxy - open source content management software
United Linux - unixODBC Project - XTree alike filemanager for Unix / Linux - Rpmfind.Net mirror - HTML validation tool - VMware, Inc. - vsftpd - Network Protocol Analysis, Training and Consulting - XFce Desktop Environment - GNOME Desktop Environment - xitami Web Server - XML:DB Initiative: Enterprise Technologies for XML Databases - Everything about the legendary XTree file manager - GNU Zebra Free routing software distributed under GPL

Editors and editing

vi intro -- the cheat sheet method
vi Escaping Control Characters
A vi Macro Summary
X2 Editor Home Page
Using the Pico Text Editor
THE (The Hessling Editor), etc.
Using the Pico Text Editor in the Unix Environment
WinVi - the editor

Presentations/Journal Articles/Interviews

Mainframe Linux on $2 a Day
Use of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) in the U.S. Department of Defense
Marcelo Tosatti: The future is Linux
LPI 101 exam prep, Part 1: Linux fundamentals
LPI 101 exam prep, Part 2: Basic administration
LPI 101 exam prep, Part 3: Intermediate administration
LPI 101 exam prep, Part 4: Advanced administration
LPI 102 exam prep, Part 1: Compiling sources and managing packages
LPI 102 exam prep, Part 2: Configuring and compiling the kernel
LPI 102 exam prep, Part 3: Networking
LPI 102 exam prep, Part 4: Secure shell and file sharing
Linux mainframe grandfather: Several companies are proving Linux's worth
Advanced filesystem implementor's guide, Part 1
Advanced filesystem implementor's guide, Part 2
Inside IBM - Dan Frye and the Linux Technology Center
Kris Van Hees - Cross-compiling Linux/390
Eliuth Pomar - Linux/390 DB2 UDB and ERwin® Case Study
Dan Poirier - Packaging software with RPM, Part 1
Dan Poirier - Packaging software with RPM, Part 1 (PDF format)
David Kreuter - The Evolution of Linux on the S/390 Platform
Adam Thornton - Linux Scalability Testing: Part I - The "Test Plan Charlie" Scenario
Adam Thornton - Linux Scalability Testing: Part II - Economics and the Linux Solution
Adam Thornton - Enterprise Printing with Linux: Part I - The Basics of Linux and Generic Unix Printing
Adam Thornton - Enterprise Printing with Linux: Part II - Advanced Printing and S/390 Resources
Adam Thornton - Enterprise Mail Servers with Linux: Part II - Supporting POP3 Clients
Adam Thornton - Enterprise Mail Servers with Linux: Part III - Remote Mailbox Access Using IMAP
Paul Newton - How to Route VM Hosted Linux Through TCP/IP: A User Experience
Mark Lillycrop - High-End Linux - At What Price?
Adam Thornton - Enterprise Directory Servers: Part II - Installing and Configuring OpenLDAP on Linux/390
Adam Thornton - Enterprise Directory Servers: Part IV: LDAP Client Tools
Lionel Dyck - Linux on S/390 and zSeries: Getting Started
David Mastrobattista - Enterprise Linux on S/390 and eServer zSeries Platforms (PDF format)
Rick Troth - Samba - just a quick look
Rob van der Heij - X-Windows Configuration on Linux for S/390
David Boyes - Linux Porting Experiences
David Boyes - Linux Enterprise Applications
David Boyes - AFS (Andrew File System) on Linux for S/390 and zSeries
David Boyes - How Many Linux Systems Can Dance on A Single S/390?
Neale Ferguson - Linux for zSeries: Early Experiences with 64-bit Linux
Ross Patterson - User Experiences with Linux for System/390
Mark Post's Linux/390 Presentation to the Metro Detroit Linux User's Group
Mark Post's Linux/390 Presentation to the Metro Detroit Linux User's Group (Real Audio version)
IBM Enterprise Connection Teleconference Call Library
Test Plan Charlie Unplugged: An Interview with David Boyes
Sam Palmisano's Keynote speech at Linux World Expo, 2001
Neale Ferguson's Linux/390 Powerpoint presentation
IBM Mainframe Hardware from a Linux Hacker's Viewpoint
Pointer to Jeff Gribbin's (EDS UK) paper on mainframe architecture
Kernel Development, Desktops, and Scooby Doo: The Alan Cox Interview
Conversation at SHARE 94
WING, the Web IMAP/NNTP Gateway
SFS Performance Management Part I
SFS Performance Management Part II
Presentations from the 2000 VM and VSE Technical Conference in Orlando
GNU'S NOT UNIX - Interview with Richard Stallman, July 1986
John Eilert - Understanding Linux® Performance on that "old" workhorse...the Mainframe
Adam Thornton - Overview of the Linux Operating System
Mark Post - A Linux for S/390 Primer
Adam Thornton - Linux Printing
David Boyes - Cloning Linux Images on VM
David Boyes - Linux System Automation using PROP
Is Free Software the Wave of the Future?
OSA cards for Linux - Practical Notes
Configuring ESCON CTC Connections
Mainframe Linux on $2 a day
Configuring ESCON CTC Connections


Access control adapter for UNIX file system project
Site Security Handbook
Securing DNS (Linux Version)
Glibc Local Root Exploit
rpc.statd Remote Format String Vulnerability
Linux-Privs - POSIX capabilities (security)
Linux Security "State of the Union"
Linux Security-HOWTO.html
Marc's (Security) Homepage @ SuSE
Linux Security - The Community's Center For Security
Linux Security for the Enterprise: Executive Summary
Security Requirements for the Deployment of the Linux Kernel in Enterprise Systems
Securing Linux Servers for Service Providers
Google search for VNCCrack program
VNC FAQ Q55 How secure is VNC?
VNC FAQ Q56 Are you going to make it more secure?
Making VNC more secure using SSH
SecurityFocus Online IDS library
Building an IDS solution using SNORT
Managing Intrusion Detection Systems in Large Organizations, Part One
Managing Intrusion Detection Systems in Large Organizations, Part Two
The "death" of IDSs (by Bruce Schneier)
Network IDS Sensor Placement
NIDS placement in the real world
Insertion, Evasion, and Denial of Service: Eluding Network Intrusion Detection - Silicon Defense (commercial support for SNORT)
Active Directory and Linux
Linux Security Modules The Source for Secure Linux Components and Platforms
Wiretapped - Computer Security Software etc.
CERT® Coordination Center
Firewalling with Netfilter/Iptables

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hercules Frequently-Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about Linux on S/390
Linux for zSeries and S/390 Frequently Asked Questions
Sendmail and Postfix HOWTOs and FAQs
The linux-kernel mailing list FAQ
Linux Devfs (Device File System) FAQ
Questions and Answers about S/390 Virtual Image Facility for Linux - Why doesn't redirecting a loop work as intended? (Bourne shell)

Online Linux Publications

Linux Journal
Linux Today


Finding Groups of Linux Users Everywhere
The GNU C Library - Signal Handling
Free access to a Linux for S/390 development environment
z/VM, VSE and Linux on IBM zSeries Technical Conference
Linux on Laptops
Enterprise Server Technical Workshops for Linux/390
The System Administrators Guild Job Descriptions
IBM Redbook Residency Index
Linux Ports
Linux Ports (old version)
Linas Vepstas - Linux on the IBM ESA/390 Mainframe Architecture
Linux on PowerPC (tm) Mailing List Archives
IT Industry Portal
IBM Open Source projects
Richard Higson's home page
A Porting Strategy for Debian/390
CfD: does Linux need RDR/PUN devices?
HOWTO-LVM-S390 (learning by doing)
An Introduction to Linux(/390)
Linux User Profile from SHARE session surveys
Linux/390 - Notes and Observations
Rob van der Heij's Linux/390 page
Mirrors of several Linux/390 sites - Open Source project to support 'hot plugging' devices in Linux
Linux for S/390 and zSeries distributions
Fast Facts About Linux
Install Fest Documentation
Linux for S/390 Install Fest
A Stackable File System Interface For Linux
A Proposal to add Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) to IP
DB2 Online Support: English V7.1 Product Manuals
IBM Developer resources
DeveloperWorks for Java
IBM Java developer kit porting
VM/ESA and z/VM page
Jim Elliott's Linux page
VM/ESA 2.4.0 Performance Report
IBM's Linux for zSeries page
Linux for S/390 Installfest page
DB2 Product Family Overview
DB2 Universal Database and DB2 Connect on Linux for S/390 and zSeries
Installing WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition for Linux using RedHat, DB2, and IBM HTTP Server
Top 10 reasons to run Linux as a VM/ESA® guest
Fully Automatic Installation for Debian GNU/Linux
__register_frame_info problem and fix
__register_frame_info source fix
Tips & Tricks for Linux (misc)
In the Beginning was the Command Line
Annotated Compendium of Open Source and Related Resources
Fully Automatic Installation for RedHat Linux
Technical Window System and Motif WWW Site links
OS/390 home page
ISX runs S/370 or S/390 Operating Systems as a TASK of OS/390
RMF PM with support for Linux Enterprise Server (Technology Study)
Remotely Running X Applications
Fourth Quarter '99 SPECweb96 Results
StarOffice NOW Program
Rik van Riel's home page
Turbolinux Server 6 for zSeries and S/390
Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
What's running on that web server?
z/VM, VSE, and Linux for zSeries Technical Conferences
VM/ESA functions that Linux can exploit
Linux Kernel Traffic
The GeekCast Network - The Linux Show
Network Application Debugging on LINUX for S/390
Re-boot Hill
Google news search engine
GNU/Linux and Open Source Medical Software News
Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers!
The Tanenbaum-Torvalds Debate
Visara International Console Concentration product

Humor and Images

RealAudio clip of Linus Torvalds Pronouncing "Linux"
Humorix: All Linux Humor. All Copied Mottos. All the Time.
Microsoft Says Rival Linux Has No Future, So Linux Industry Will Stop Now
How to Become a Hacker, The Loginataka
"Good evening Mr. Gates, I'll be your server today"
Tux stuffed penguin toys
The Twelve Networking Truths
IBM Linux Short Flash Animations
A SHARE haiku by Neale Ferguson, and the winners of the Salon Magazine MS Windows Haiku Error Message Contest
Dave Barry - Learning to love the computer, warts and all
Linux Kernel Compile Competition
Ubergeek - Switch to Linux Flash animation

Linux logo by Larry Ewing
Linux for Big Iron by Mark Post
Linux on VM by Larry Ewing and Mark Post
Advertisement for Linux Detergent (really)
Secure Linux detergent - no ports at all
Never Trust a Computer You can Lift
Never Trust a Computer You can Lift (Older version)
Powered by S/390 (large)
Powered by S/390 (small)
Linux/390 image
Linux/390 image
Linux/390 "Learn More" image
IBM's 'Peace, Love, Linux' animated gif
IBM's 'Peace, Love, Linux' jpeg
Windows® NT running on Linux/390
Pitfall running on Linux/390
z/VM running in 64-bit mode on Linux/390
Mac desktop running on Linux/390

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