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Welcome to a site dedicated to the exploitation of Linux on the System/390 platform.

Updated June 7, 2000

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On December 18, 1999, IBM published its modifications and additions to the Linux 2.2.13 code base for the support of the S/390 architecture. This port is designed to run under VM/ESA, in an LPAR,  and on the bare iron. The code has subsequently been rolled into the 2.2.15 level and work is underway to bring the modifications to the 2.3.x development level.

There are now many many individuals and organizations helping to take this fledgling port from a curiosity to a production platform. Already, several important packages have been rebuilt to run under Linux/390 without the need for modification to the source code. In most instances a simple running of the configuration script is all that is required to get things running. Some of the packages up and running include:
  • sendmail 8.9.3
  • bind 8.2.2-p5
  • sshd 1.2.27
  • hercules 1.46
  • BOCHS 
  • Big Brother 1.3a
  • Lynx 2.8.2
  • Emacs 20.5a
  • THE 3.0
  • Regina 0.08h
  • OpenSSL
  • linuxconf 1.17r2
  • wxxt-1.67
  • Postgresql-6.5.3
  • Apache 1.3.9
  • Samba 2.0.6
  • ncFTP 3.0b21
  • PGP 5.0i
  • cron 3.0.1
  • PHP 3.0.14
  • ytalk 3.1.1
  • perl 5.005_3
  • ltxml 1.1
  • GIMP
  • mySQL (in progress)

Interested in helping? Then join the LINUX-VM mailing list. This list is devoted to all environments in which Linux/390 will run. Send mail to the listserver with a body containing SUBSCRIBE LINUX-VM and get involved.