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Linux for Big Iron

For many people that are just getting involved with Linux, trying to understand what all the packages are, and whether they are needed or not, can be very overwhelming. To try to help with that, we have tried to document the many, many software packages that are contained in the various Linux for S/390 distributions.

The version/release/update numbers have been removed from the names, since they are not relevant in this context. If you need to know what version came with your particular distribution, you should look at the installation media, or query the package manager (rpm, dpkg, etc.).

The descriptions given are taken directly from the RPM/DEB packages themselves. No editing has been done against them.

The packages are listed in `human' alphabetical order, that is, sorted without regard to upper and lower case.

The packages are listed by individual distribution because of their size. A complete list of all the packages for the distribution is also provided for the convenience of those with a lot of patience or good broadband access. :)

Marist College File System (updated May 1, 2001) - 82.3KB

SuSE Release Candidate (Post-GA version, pre-updated version.) - 287KB

Turbolinux Server 6 for zSeries and S/390 - 206.3KB

Caiman Linux for zSeries version 1.0 - 167.4KB

Red Hat Linux for S/390 version 7.2 - 383.4KB

Debian GNU/Linux for S/390 (Woody Distribution) - 4.6MB

Consolidated list (Debian not included because of its size)- 1.1MB


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