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Linux for Big Iron
A lot of good information has been exchanged in the Linux-390 mailing list. Some of it can be difficult to find. To try to help out with this, the following Linux/390-specific mini-HOWTOs have been added to the site.

If you have a mini-HOWTO you'd like to contribute, please let the webmaster know. If it's appropriate for this web site, it will be added.

BMRtool for file-level Bare Metal Restore of SLES 9 zSeries on z/VM

Cloning Red Hat Linux Running in an LPAR

Enabling root-on-multipath for SLES9 on zSeries

LVM Volume Group Descriptor Area (VGDA) Recovery

Using BIND Mounts to Create A Simplified BaseVol/GuestVol Linux Server for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

Repairing Linux Using the Install System

Enabling 3270 Consoles on Linux/390 in an LPAR

mkinitrd and cloning notes for SUSE SLES8 and Red Hat EL3 AS

Choosing between Linux/390 and AIX

Generating a Linux kernel as a shareable named saved system (NSS)

Installing Tivoli Storage Manager Client on Red Hat Linux/390 7.2

Sample LVM Scripts

Patching the Linux/390 2.4 Kernel

Getting Linux Running Under Hercules

Safely Updating Critical Files on a Linux System

Building Linux/390 Under VM/ESA Using Minidisks and IUCV TCPIP

Installing the Oracle9i Developer's Release on Red Hat 7.2

Moving Part of a File System to another Linux/390 Volume

Creating a second Red Hat 7.2 from a Running Red Hat 7.2 System

Using VM V-disk Space for Linux/390 Swap

Sharing an OSA Card Between LPARs

Setting up a HyperSocket Guest LAN under z/VM

Using DB2Connect to Serve DB2 Data through Java Server Pages (JSP)

Dumping and Restoring Linux/390 DASD Volumes from Another Operating System

Linux-z/OS DFSMShsm Dump/Restore-HOWTO

Mail Merge on Linux/390 Using troff

Oracle 9i ODBC on Linux/390 Sample Configuration Files

Installing Virtual Network Computing (VNC) on Linux/390

Porting HTML from Windows® to Linux

Installing SuSE 7.0 under VIF

Getting unixODBC/PHP to talk to PostgreSQL

CTC Netmask Fix for Samba

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