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Linux for Big Iron

Greg Smith

Greg Smith

I majored in computer science at the College of William & Mary, and have been a MVS systems programmer since about '79. Currently I work for Lockheed Martin on contract to the US EPA's national computer center in Research Triangle Park, NC. I've been using Linux since '95 (I still have my Slackware 3.0 CD). We have a Linux LPAR on our G6 and will be installing z/VM shortly.

I've done some other stuff too, such as Hercules development (e.g. the compressed CKD stuff) and debugging (e.g. http://www.marist.edu/htbin/wlvtype?LINUX-VM.23791) and writing the offlindr program (http://www.clueful.co.uk/mbeattie/s390/offlindr.jcl). I also contributed a little something to Rob van der Heij's linuxipl program ( http://pucc.princeton.edu/~rvdheij/linuxipl.txt). There's probably some more...

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