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Linux for Big Iron

Richard Higson

Richard Higson Richard Higson

Richard Higson is a consultant for syskoplan AG (Germany). He got started with computers in 1979 by building a Heathkit H8 and taught himself 8080 Assembler by reading the HDOS Operating System and toolchain (written by J. Gordon Letwin).

He worked as a system developer for 'mini-sized' multi-user systems in the 'pre-PC era' before becoming a systems programmer with VM/VSE. He then specialized in networking (SNA, TCP/IP) and UNIX.

He has been using Linux since 1993, put Syskoplan on the 'net in 1994 with Linux, helped build "the world's largest Linux Cluster" (Paderborn, December 1998), and spoke about this at the August 1999 Open Software Conference in Monterey.

He became involved with Linux for S/390 in December 1999, and was a co-author of IBM's first Linux Redbook "Linux for S/390, SG24-4987-00" (September 2000). He actively supports Debian and Hercules (the /390 emulator).

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